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Joel Shambe

My work is an amalgam of the language of visual media, my opinion, or view, of my subect matter and my desire to create, the intention of which is to present an image that hopefully engages and invites The Viewer to a dialogue with my work. I feel The Viewer is a silent partner in all that I create, as they bring the other part of the painting's reason for living. In that spirit, and through the vocabulary of the limited oil pallette, my ongoing investigaion of religious, esoteric, and spiritual themed subjects is presented in hope that the superficial themes of, say, death or religion, give way to some of the less honored but ever present sub-themes of irony, humor, acceptance and the oft whimsical nature of Life itself. It is my greatest pleasure to offer my work to whomever fills the role of The Viewer, regardless of response, because that Soul is truly the other half of the heartbeat of any of my creations.