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Danielle DeAngelo


My work is mostly comprised of prints, and more specifically screen prints, intaglio and the occasional woodcut. My main subject interests are pattern, antique furniture and certain animals, including horses, dogs, and birds. The objects, animals and patterns need to be placed together in a very specific format. I strive for the viewer to understand the aesthetic necessity in the composition of my prints.

I work intuitively, and am process oriented. The process I am most influenced by is that of collage. I think of my prints in the same way I do collage, as a sort of menagerie of images stacked on top of each other in a particular order and on top of or inside an invented space. My work is gradual, meaning I almost never begin something with a set understanding of what the finished product may be. I almost always start out with the background of a piece and then I walk away from it and continue something else. It is only when I come across something that absolutely belongs with it will I go back to it. I am unable to work on one thing at a time. My brain simply does not work that way.