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Susan Culver

I am a storyteller. I tell stories that are whimsical, quirky and unique. Sometimes I tell these stories with paint, sometimes I tell them with words. I interpret the world differently then most people. I see all the colors and all the shades in between. It has been my experience in life that if you expect to find happiness and joy you will find it. If you think the world is full of hatred and ugliness then that is what will come to you.

I love the natural world, a blue and white sky, and beautiful birds bright and full of music. I love to depict water and mountains, and plants in new and delicious colors.

I play with reality and juxtaposing objects that wouldn't ordinarily live in the same space. I like to experiment with mixing the real with the imagined. I experiment with size of objects in my work. I collect interesting and unusual objects. I bring these objects together and create something new with them. They have their own story to tell. I let them do it.

Sometimes I paint a memory or a dream. I want to share it.

I am leaving the best part of myself behind for others to discover when I no longer exist in this realm anymore. I am leaving my dreams, love and joy.