Who is Meinhart’s Gallery & Curio Inc.?

Leigh Meinhart

President of Meinhart’s Gallery & Curio, Inc.. Meinhart originally attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, but two years in she transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, seeking more traditionalism and academic skill. Immediately after obtaining her BFA in 2012, Meinhart traveled to France and Norway for an artist appreciateship with the globally recognized celebrity, Odd Nerdrum. Meinhart studied painting and drawing under Nerdrum for 3 months, as well as posed for his famous painting, “The Alien”. After her apprenticeship, Meinhart resumed to part-time work to build up the funds to start Meinhart’s Gallery & Curio Inc., established in June 2013. Her art is always on display at the gallery.

Ernest McCloskey III

Ernest is currently the Bodymaster of Thelesis Oasis (O.T.O) located in Philadelphia, PA. He began he journey into spiritualism at a young age primarily in the field of Psionics and Energy Working. He has lectured at Omnimancy's "Crucible" as well as at local O.T.O bodies. He also maintains this website as well as CrossingTheVeil.com. A site dedicated to bring together Tarot Readers and Clients in a more interactive manner via the web.

When he is not working at the Shop, he works on installing and maintaining networks and other peoples PCs as well as Nurse Call systems. He also specializes in backend programming for websites, and has coded projects such as MyOfficeLeague.com, CrossingTheVeil.com and KingOfSweetsOnline.com.

Joseph Thompson

Joe has been helping business reach their target markets for over 18 years. With a diverse background in business and industry combined with web and graphic design, he has a unique perspective on how to actively engage a diverse range of consumers. Joe studied marketing at Strayer University. His marketing studies combined with almost two decades of helping business with digital and printed media allows him to create and maintain marketing strategies to effectively deliver any clients message to the masses.