Meinhart's Gallery & Curio, Inc. was created by painter Leigh Meinhart, apprentice to Kitsch painter Odd Nerdrum. It is a contemporary, representational fine art gallery, as well as a wellness shop, known as Curio93. The gallery caters to emerging and professional artists showcasing skill in 2D art that largely encompasses art with a deeper meaning in order to create a healing atmosphere.

Our business hours are:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm to 8:30pm.
Tuesday we are open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Exhibit
Tuesday, August 5th thru September 20th - 2014

Opening:August 5th (Tues.- 12p)
Fourth Friday Opening: 29th - 6p to 9p
Reception: 30th – 1p to 4p

Entry Fee/Process: Submit 1 representational/realist painting expressing the phrase “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, an artist statement, resume with a $10 entry fee to through paypal or through postal: 6 East Holly Ave, Pitman NJ, 08071. The painting must be at least 12” x 16”, maximum size is 60” x 80”. Open to any painting medium. Photographs must be high quality with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and must include a frame if painting is to be sold in a frame. Frame can’t exceed 3 inches. *Submissions with unprofessional, low quality pictures will be discarded. All Artwork must be ready to hang, signed and available for sale. Gallery takes 45% commission.

Submission Deadline: July 5th, Midnight.

Notification of Acceptance: July 8th


Acceptance Notice: Everyone who submits will receive an email notification of acceptance. Accepted images will be posted on the Gallery’s website.

USE RIGHTS: Each artist retains all copyrights to their own images. The Artist’s name is provided with any use. By submission for jurying, artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant Meinhart’s Gallery & Curio, Inc. the right to use their images for the purpose of promoting exhibitions, promoting the Gallery’s programs, promoting the artist and subsequent display on the Gallery’s website of current and past exhibitions. Promotions and images may also be placed on social networks for The Gallery with artist credit. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation from the Gallery.

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